We get into relationships to get to know ourselves. Even the act of going out and try to „meet people”is a selfish one. But let’s face it, it’s not ego-selfish. It’s because we feel the urge to get to know ourselves better. When your partner says something and it makes you angry, you should look inside yourself and ask: „Why is this making me angry?” Your partner is merely the detonator of your own emotions. So is every human being you get in contact with.

But then, why do we search for a „relationship”? Why do we do that if every human being around us is there to mirror our own emotions? Because we want to go deeper into ourselves. Because deeper, more meaningful and longer relationships reveal our most inner fears and thoughts and feelings.

This is why most of us come to a point in our relationships (or our lives), where we say: all or nothing. All: a promise for foreverness, a home, a togetherness beyond any rules or boundries. A true partnership.

Nothing: done for. End. Ends mean new beginnings.

Sometimes there just can’t be any grey areas. Sometimes it’s time for NO EXCUSES.