That moment when not even a cigarette on the spot can satisfy you, when not even the cleared-out sky after a storm is of peace, the moment when you realize that everything around you is just school. You live eternity in a classroom, enjoying recess and cussing your teachers for the homework they gave you. The system around you is your parents, the morals you were taught are the guilt you carry with you all the time. Whenever you feel joy, it is bound to be surrounded by guilt or at least the feeling of having done something wrong. You can’t enjoy the moment because you fear regretting it later. If you don’t enjoy the moment, you regret not enjoying the moment. Thus, your life becomes a row of regrets and unfulfilled dreams, hopes and ideas that you carry around until you’re dead. And then in you next life you do it over and over again, until you learn the lesson you were supposed to learn 4-5 lifetimes ago.

It is a sad cycle, but all of this is changing. We are all shifting as beings. Lessons taught by the Universe are going to be easier to learn. Our life span will increase, we will soon realize what we are. Pulsations of the Universe, grand pieces of the Mastermind. And when we do realize that, we will be free. Free of preconception, of over-thinking, of fearing our feelings. Sadly, this is our biggest mistake. We mistrust our feelings. Soul manifests through body, and not the other way around. Realease your true self.

Release the truth.