Sometimes I find myself in front of life and don’t know what She wants from me. Don’t question me on this one, I know for a fact that life is a She. Why if she weren’t, wouldn’t things be more accurate, less weary and slithering? I tried to always enjoy her challenges: taste every tear, feel every smile.
Now she just sits there, silently watching me begin a new chapter. A new sunshine. Will she go all PMS on me and ruin me again, like she used to? She won’t. And if she will, then I’ll reduce her to silence. Over and over again.
I am not the most optimistic person, so don’t be fooled by this attitude. I cry and I yell and I throw things around if something goes wrong… And I know that if it sounds too good to be true, then it must be too good to be true. It’s just that there comes a moment when you gotta say, hey you know what? this is enough. And then you start cleaning up your mess and standing up straight.
What I can say for sure is that nothing and no one will chop MY feet while dancing from now on. NO, sir-e.
I just found out that life can be more than pain and compromise, it can be heaven on earth if you look at it the right way. Or the left way. Or whichever way you choose, as long as it makes you happy.