Can we at least delete the pages
Of what’s really going on
And maybe control the stages
Of what will and won’t go on?
If you come a little closer,
There’s not telling what I’ll do
But if you go any further
I’ll just leave without a clue.

Count the crows, take out the number
Multiply it 4×4
You will get some daylight slumber
Open up and close the door.
Comfort each and every highway
With your presence say the least.
Be so smart then in the dumb way
Slit the throat of the sparkling beast.

When I’m gone you’ll have the glasses
On your eyes and at the bar
And then you’ll be teaching classes
On how you sent me this far.

Do I know where I am going?
No I don’t but I’ll find a way.
Going for you leaves me no way to stay.